Minecraft Zombies coloring page

A Minecraft Zombie is a hostile Mob that has green skin, empty eye sockets and its clothing usually looks like the player's, but a rarer form, call a Zombie Villager, has the body of a Zombie, but with a Villager's head.

Ten percent of all spawned Zombies are this type. During sieges, if a Villager is attacked and killed by a Zombie, there is often a chance that the Villager will transform into a Zombie Villager. Zombies can join others and chase down their target.

They are even more dangerous in caves, where they can suddenly appear from dark places, snarling and gurgling when they attack. These creatures spawn in low light, but will catch fire in sunlight, so they try to stay in the shade of trees and will enter water to keep from being burned.

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Minecraft Zombies
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